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EZOFIS is known for its simplicity and ease of use features for powerful automation of business applications. EZOFIS platform is built for efficient business process optimization to strengthen the business operations and enhance the customer's experience. Using EZOFIS - business process management workflow can be improved to accelerate productivity and to bring down operational costs.

Capture Documents

Use EZOFIS capture software on a computer or as a mobile app to capture any documents and files.

AI Indexing

Let EZOFIS identify the index tags from the documents using artificial intelligence and classify the captured documents as per the meta tags.

Save Documents

Save indexed documents in structured folders using the pre-configured digital workplace. You can also set up to save files directly to your google drive after processing.

Search and Retrieve

EZOFIS provides a cool search feature that will let you search and retrieve the processed files using the meta tags and the contents of the documents.

Digital Workplace Management

Manage multiple digital workplaces for processing various files and forms from different platforms.

Workflow Automation

Set up simple and advanced workflows to automate your business process for excellent customer experience and enhanced business operations.

Customizable Forms

Create your custom forms with many types of field controls which include e-signature controls for form-based workflow collaboration.

Connect with Other Apps

Integrate with many other LOB apps such as CRMs, ERPs, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, Google Workplace, etc.

Enterprise Content Management

Gain advanced control over integrated information, data, and documents by deploying Enterprise Solution. Business Process Optimization, enhanced security, tight collaboration, digital workplace, automated services are part of EZOFIS Enterprise Edition.

Advanced Workflow

Transform your Business Process using EZOFIS Workflow and facilitate advanced workflows to make your business processes more efficient. With the EZOFIS Enterprise workflow, you can visualize and simulate processes, estimate KPI, and SLA improvements. Helps measure ongoing KPIs for optimizing using lean six-sigma practices.

Connect To Bigdata

Get good visibility using dashboard, reports and data analytics in EZOFIS Enterprise edition. The connectors to Big-data platforms helps generating integrated reports and analytics.

Deploy AI Bots

Leverage using AI-enabled EZOFIS Bots to create an augmented digital workplace. EZOFIS Bots helps assist your employees as one of the co-workers to machine learning, suggest workflows optimization, interact intelligently within processes and provide intelligence to assist the workforce in efficient data-driven process improvement techniques.

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