Scale up your workplace to

Gain Digital Maturity using AI bots

and bring analytical integlligence by connecting to big data

govern information

Govern Information

Gain advanced control over integrated information, data, and documents by deploying Enterprise level complex Document Management, Business Process workflows, enhanced security modules, greater collaboration capabilities, evolved digital repositories, automated services, and high-end productivity tools and techniques using EZOFIS Enterprise tools.

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Connect to Bigdata

EZOFIS dashboards and Reports module and connect with your Bid-Data for Data analytics and provide more insight on live data and trends to users by synchronizing relevant data from the enterprise database. EZOFIS Workflow services can also connect with your Business data to bring the required information on the fly for decision making and post back inputs seamlessly.

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connect to big data
advanced workflow

Advanced Workflow

Transform your Business Process using EZOFIS Workflow and facilitate advanced digital workflows to make your business processes much more efficient. With EZOFIS Workflow engine, you can visualize and simulate the workflow, estimate KPI, and SLA improvements. The workflow tool will also help to measure ongoing KPIs for optimizing using lean six-sigma practices.

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Deploy Bots

Leverage using AI-enabled EZOFIS Bots to create an augmented digital workplace. EZOFIS Bots helps assist your employees as one of the co - worker to machine learning, suggest workflows optimization, interact intelligently within processes, and provide intelligence to assist the workforce in efficient data-driven process improvement techniques.

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ai bots
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